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Also known as vSEO, it refers to the process of optimizing video and its properties including titles, keywords, and captions or tags for better online visibility. The goal is to reach the top rank on the first page of all major search engines, hence more views, preferably from organic search. Traffics generated from video views are directed to your main website, not to the video hosting provider.


Search Engine Optimization practices implemented to video hosted on YouTube, which is one of the biggest search engines of them all, and the parent company. In other words, YouTube is an overwhelmingly productive source of organic traffic. Practicing proper YouTube SEO brings you to a giant step ahead of competitors in gaining traffic.


YouTube runs by a simple algorithm: it “promotes individual channels by using videos, but it does not actually promote the videos themselves.YouTube decides how videos rank in search results based on the combination of both videos-specific and channel-aggregated data including popularity and relevancy.


Similar to vSEO, video optimization refers to a set of methods and technologies utilized to optimize the use of properties attached to the video for examples descriptions, titles, and keywords you want to rank. Video optimization also includes strategies for traffic acquisition via mobile platforms.


Keywords attached YouTube channels to improve relevancy to organic searches on Google, YouTube, and all major search engines. The Keywords for channels and video can be intentionally made to overlap each other in relevant ways.


Written ideas and topics that can best represent your contents. When applied to vSEO, these are words and phrases attached as video properties designed to be as relevant as possible to users’ search queries.


Shorter versions of keywords that help users find your videos in the website. When users enter keywords or search queries related to the tags, videos attached with those tags will appear in search results.


Using your videos (or others’) from a hosting website such as YouTube and use them as contents on your website page. That way, your visitors are able to watch the videos directly on that page instead of switching to YouTube or other video sharing sites where the original files are hosted.


The clickable text in a hyperlink is called an anchor text. Instead of using simple terms such as click here, visit, orbuy now, etc, a keyword rich anchor text uses specific words or phrases more relevant to your content.