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Terms of Service

By using seekingvideostop.com, user agrees to comply with all the terms and condition of this company. The right to use seekingvideostop.com is personal to the direct user(s) and it is not transferable to any other person or entity. seekingvideostop.com is a company that is based in the New York city.

seekingvideostop.com shall have the right to change or alter, upgrade or discontinue any aspect or feature of the website including content, availability hours and all included needed for the use of this website.


Contract information


All services delivered by the company are sold and subject to company’s terms and conditions which also forms part of the client’s contract with the company.


Service description


Through its web properly, seekingvideostop.com provides the user with access to a variety of resources, communication service and product information. The service includes any updates, new features, and/or addition of any new web properties are subjected to the terms of use. Our service and products are mainly for Search Engine Optimization. In order to work on our client’s videos or websites, we will ask clients to supply their video or website information.




The company’s Logo, Visuals, and all other content of the company are the property of this company and they are protected by the copyright laws. The terms and conditions apply to any provision of materials, tools, and services by seekingvideostop.com to the client.


Governing laws


This terms and condition are subject to the laws of the country that governs the agreement. This is subjected to the laws of the country. Orders will be considered only when an email confirmation has been received from the company’s trusted email.




A report will be given to the client detailing the Client Video or Website ranking.




The client acknowledges that the right of the goods is owned by the company and are protected by the copyright laws of the United State, International treaty convention and all other applicable copyright laws.




  1. Clients may be expected to pay in advance for our services.
    2. We do not offer a refund due to the nature of our services
    3. 100% secure transaction by PayPal Payments
    4. In order to sustain the high ranking, Client should ensure that they make prompt payment without delay.




The company will use all its resources to ensure that services, are delivered within the agreed time frame.


Risk of loss


The client acknowledges that seekingvideostop.com shall not be held responsible for any loss of profit, revenue, savings, or incidental, consequential or indirect damage arising out of the use of our service.




Both parties maintain strict confidence and shall not disclose to any third party any information, materials or discussions relating to the others or between the company and the client. This provision shall not apply to information or materials which is or has become public knowledge by means other than by breach by a party to this clause.




While we have many happy and satisfied clients no one can guarantee first page ranking. – (Googles Webmasters Guidelines) It is unethical and anyone that tells you that is a scam and you should beware of that company.




Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, that cannot be resolved by mediation within 30 days shall be finally resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. The arbitration will be conducted in the English language in the City of New York, New York, in accordance with the United States Arbitration Act.




The company warrants that it has the right to provide services. The company warrants that the services provided will be supplied using reasonable skill and care. The company does not warrant that the services provided are error free accurate. Both parties warrant that they are registered under the data protection act in respect to the collection, processing and use of the website.


Abuses and improper usage of the website content will lead to contract termination. Any order once confirmed by the company is cannot be canceled. In any case that the client wishes to terminate the SEO service being provided by seekingvideostop.com, client must give 60 days’ notice in writing.

The client acknowledges that the company is required to uphold at all times in letter and in spirit, the United States of America Code: Advertising Standard of Practice.


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