We Put the Science in SEO


Science and SEO had never been closely associated with each other until Seeking Video Stop came into the scene and introduced profound influence to the entire landscape of video SEO. After more than a decade of scrutinizing every detail behind search engine optimization and general audience preferences, we have formulated a series of innovative methods to exert powerful force and bring forth tangible results despite tough challenges in the middle of an increasingly competitive industry of video marketing for SEO. Crafted by a team of experienced specialists, our strategies are comprised only of future-proof approaches followed by methodical actions scientifically proven effective to intensify the outcome of video SEO efforts and increase your ROI.


The sole purpose of our existence is to catapult your brand to the top. We run a video SEO agency that emphasizes on personalized advances through which we open the path for you to claim authority in the business.We believe that every project is different; numerous aspects of the undertaking are unique to your brand affected by personal preferences in regard to video content, audience demographics, and platforms of choice. Over a decade of experiences working with numerous clients from various backgrounds and industries has taught us how to serve all the distinct business perspectives. Our video marketing agency caters to all business of all niches from startup to enterprise levels including education, IT, music, construction, documentary, entertainment, publications, and more.


Details in the specifics matter the most. While we maintain high standard throughout the processes of marketing behavior examinations, video optimization methods, keyword utilizations, and results analysis, your inputs are never taken for granted.


We have multiple video SEO packages designed to deliver aggressive campaigns that will turn viewers into website visitors and finally paying customers. Instead of just focusing on the video aspects, we make certain that your main websites are properly analyzed as well to align improvements and results on both components. At the end of the day, video viewers are indicators of conversion rate.


Backed by undeniable science and relentless experimentation, we have the utmost confidence in setting up comprehensive video SEO plans of action capable of producing the intended results with striking effects. Rest assured that you are in good hands, talented and competence in boosting organic search and your YouTube videos and putting them in the first page where they deservedly belong.It does not matter if you are competing in low, medium, or high competition keywords, either in geo-specific or global markets, SVS is ready to serve and deliver.