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Why Video SEO?

Video SEO plays a huge role in obtaining sustainable quality traffic and drives a considerable number of visitors to your website. As well as generates a successful conversion rate as, paying customers, member registrations, newsletter sign-ups and downloads to name a few.

Video attracts three times as more visitor’s every month and doubles the time they spend on a website which has an increase of 157% in organic search engine traffic. The key to high quality traffic inheres in optimizing around your video keywords so it reaches its intended market smoothly.

According to Cisco, 64% of all consumer internet traffic in 2014 was accounted for videos alone. The networking giant also estimated that in 2019, video traffic will increase to reach about 80% which means more than three quarters of the internet will be dominated by video.

Two years ago, the possibility to implement good SEO for video was excellent and it will remain that way (or even better) in the next 3 years. Video SEO has always been the most effective advertising format to reach potential customers/audience.

In any website, both for personal and business purposes, content remains king. Let us not forget that the term content has never been limited to images and texts. Quality videos demonstrate how serious you are about your products or services, and customers are more likely to remember your messages and brands if you engage them via both audio and visual communication.

There is also the factor of easy video-sharing using portable devices. In a world where smartphones and tablets predominate communication all over the world, there is very good chance that any interesting video posted online receives a great deal of exposure. Those devices also make it easy for viewers to share videos to millions of other viewers very quickly as well.

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